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Ely, Minnesota
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You Can Drive A Sled Dog Team!

Fully guided and hands on, White wilderness trips include everything you need for your adventure: lodging, meals, guides, sleds, and of course our incredible sled dogs.
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Split your time between riding and driving, this style is perfect for families or those wanting to ease into the Dogsledding Tour.
Your own team for the trip as we head out on this premier Dog Sled adventure.
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Dog Sledding Tours in Northern Minnesota

Located in Minnesota's snow spot, even when the rest of the state is snowless. Ely, MN is the gateway to the renowned Boundary Waters wilderness, and is surrounded by the vast Superior National Forest. It is a winter paradise, harboring endless remote trails and a frozen network of untracked lakes, snow-covered forests and northern bogs that beckon exploration by dog team. Our kennel is surrounded by the Superior National Forest, so dog teams depart daily right out the back door. Wolf, otter, moose, deer, beaver and fox tracks are some of the signs you may see of other winter inhabitants. Multi-day trips typically explore deeper in to the Boundary Waters Wilderness (BWCAW) - a vast motor-less wilderness that few experience in the winter.

Don't settle for a ride - MUSH!

Mush a dog team with White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures! White Wilderness takes pride in the fact that we can successfully teach anyone to drive a team of Alaskan huskies. With 5 star reviews calling these adventures the trip of a lifetime, White Wilderness has been recognized as a top mushing destination by residents from Minnesota and far beyond.

Dog sledding is a great way to enjoy the winter wilderness, whether part of an adventurous family vacation, bucket-list tour, or relaxing lodge get-away. Share a sled with a partner, or drive your own solo sled. All skills are taught, and a variety of trails offer opportunities suitable for timid beginners to adrenalin seeking adventurers. We typically travel 20 to 30 miles of scenic trails each day, so you'll experience a variety of terrain and sights as you glide through the woods by dog team. The feeling of silently flying through the woods with a synchronized team of working dogs is simply unforgettable. Your dogsled experience starts near Ely, in Northern Minnesota. With hundreds of miles of scenic trails weaving together the diverse ecosystems of upland forests, boreal marshes, pristine lakes and beaver ponds, every trip is guaranteed to be an original. Seasoned dogsledding guides insure you gain the skills and confidence to enjoy the experience from the moment you arrive at our kennel, til you step off the sled runners at the end of the day. Our trips are hands-on, so you'll have plenty of time to interface with our friendly Alaskan Huskies.

Choose from A Variety Of Trip Styles

There's a trip for everyone at White Wilderness. You may choose to share a sled with a partner, or drive your own team. Our Shared Sled Trips are excellent for families, couples and individuals who want to ease in to mushing. These trips are run with two people per team of dogs. Switching between riding and driving as many times as desired allows for plenty of driving time and socializing as well as plenty of time to sit back and enjoy. Our Solo Trips set the standard for a top quality dog sledding experience. On these trips, every participant drives their own solo sled with a team of four to six Alaskan Huskies. This format allows us to run farther and faster than other trips. Solo sleds enhance your experience by giving you more time on the runners to improve your skills, and more time to spend with your team of dogs.

Choose also where you wish to stay at the end of a full day of learning to mush. Your choices include a relaxing lodge, our cozy backcountry yurt or tucked deep in the wilderness on a secluded lake in a winter tent camp. All multi-day trips include first and last nights lodging at a comfortable northwoods lodge.

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